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Celebrations for Quarter Century of Jolly Gel Sales

Mineral Supplies International (MSI) introduces a flat pack version of Jolly Gel. The well-established Jolly Gel carton design does not change. The new flat pack is cheaper to post individual packs to customers. The attractive dark blue flat pack also has great shelf appeal for walk-in customers to pool retail shops. Jolly Gel is renowned for quickly restoring pool water back to a sparkling clean condition. This popular flocculent eliminates phosphates and removes even the finest microscopic particles of debris from pools.

Having notched up a quarter of a century of successful sales, Jolly Gel, believed to be the world’s widest-selling flocculent, has unveiled a new look to help it boost sales even further for the next 25 years.

A new flat pack design enables the pool shop or website supplier to post Jolly Gel simply and easily, fitting comfortably inside a C5 envelope.  There are four cubes in every trade-supplied carton with an RRP of £18.

"After 26 years, Jolly Gel has proven itself with every pool owner,” says Amanda, logistics manager at Jolly Gel manufacturer MSI.  “For around £4 per cube, your customer will have twinkling clear water for weeks. It even removes algae spores.

“The success of Jolly Gel speaks for itself with unrivalled global sales," Amanda continues.  "The secret of that success is what is contained in every Jolly Gel cube that ensures crystal clear water every time.

MSI produces Jolly Gel in multiple language packages including French, Spanish, Italian and Arabic to cover the 37 countries within its export zone.

Customers testify that Jolly Gel's international following is second to none:

  • Located in Malta, Charles Micallef Swimming Poolshas been recommending and selling Jolly Gel for well over 20 years now.  "No need to push it," says the company’s Bruce Darmanin adding:  "The product just sells itself."

  • Neighbour, Gozo Pools, has been promoting Jolly Gel since 1995.  "In our opinion, it is undoubtedly the best flocculent available says Ray Debrincat, Managing Director.  "Our pool owners also like the name Jolly Gel and the ‘I’m Jolly Clever badges’ that come with each carton."

  • Pool Safety Spain has sold Jolly Gel since 2003. Ken Walker says: “Rain brings fine red Sahara Desert dust which passes through sand filters and is difficult to remove, but Jolly Gel captures every speck. Our clients, all over Spain, simply love it -  and so do we!”

  • "I have lost count how many years we have been recommending Jolly Gel to customers," echoes Mohamed Farhan Alhumaid of the Focus Group Bahrain.  "It is our number one seller for overcoming pool problems. The customers love the 'I’m Jolly Clever’ badge in every retail carton and we think this helps us with long term loyalty and sales."

  • Closer to home Chris Green of Certikin International, also extols Jolly Gel's virtues: “Jolly Gel certainly has a proven track record with sales being strong for Certikin for the last 22 years. “Products come and go but this is one testament to the effectiveness and popularity of Jolly Gel," adds Chris.

  • Craig Trusson of Home Counties Swimming Pools agrees: "It obviously works as year-on-year, it proves to be our customers 'go to' clarifier."

MSI is delighted with the increasing sales both at home and abroad:  “It's always satisfying to receive the positive feedback we receive about Jolly Gel. We never stand still and what is good enough for Swedish furniture designers is good enough for us," quips Amanda.  "The new flat pack carton is not only more functional, but it also makes for a very attractive showroom display.”

For information on the Jolly Gel range, visit our product pages: Jolly Gel for Private PoolsJolly Gel for Commercial Pools and Jolly Gel for Hot Tubs and Spas.

Article published courtesy of Swimming Pool Scene magazine.


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