Hydrochlor Mineral Chlorinator


  • Designed for domestic pools
  • Input 220-240V AC
  • Frequency 50/60 Hz
  • Current 1.6 A
  • Socket outlet 220-240V AC
  • Max current Output 8A
  • Min Salt Level 4000 TDS
  • Max Salt Level 6000 TDS
  • Type of Salt: Standard Pool Salt/Mineral Salt

Hydrochlor Mineral Chlorinator

The Hydrochlor Mineral Chlorinator automatically chlorinates the pool, making it healthy, crystal clear, and ready for all-year-round swimming.  A saltwater chlorinated pool requires considerably less maintenance than a standard chlorinated pool.

Magnesium Enriched Water

Adding Waterco's mineral crystals to pool water enables the user to experience the health benefits of bathing in magnesium enriched water. Magnesium has been recognised by medical professionals and consumers all over the world for its ability to alleviate a variety of ailments relating to the skin, muscles and the nervous system.

Mineral Crystals

Mineral crystals not only improve the pool water with a blend of naturally occurring minerals but also moisturises the skin as the bather swims.  The common effects associated with swimming in a chlorinated pool, including red eyes and dry skin, are significantly relieved with mineral crystals. Its gentle formulation has little to no taste and can be used in any type of pool.  The chlorinator’s features include: 

  • Precision chlorine production
  • Easy-to-use timer with back-up battery
  • Self-cleaning, chlorinator cell
  • Suitable for both mineral crystals and salt chlorination
  • Energy saving, intelligent power pack
  • Power pack suits all chlorinator cells 

Hydrochlor Power Pack

The Hydrochlor Mineral Chlorinator includes an energy saving, an intelligent power pack that makes it easy to keep the pool sanitised and healthy to swim. 


Hydrochlor's self-cleaning chlorinator cell features a serial-parallel design that enhances chlorine production, whilst requiring less energy.  Features include:

  • Weather-proof housing
  • Easy-to-read timer with battery back-up
  • Chlorine production can be adjusted to reflect different seasonal requirements
  • Pump protection if no water flow LED indicator

 Note: Correct earth bonding is essential when using this product. Refer to the installation manual for correct fitting instruction.

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“There is irrefutable evidence of the benefits of Zeoclere 30 media when used in the right environment; in pools that are in constant use, have heavy bather loads and are at greater risk of ammonia build up. For these types of pools Zeoclere is an easy step-up because clients are guaranteed to get better water clarity and the bonus of less backwashing which leads to financial savings over the long term.”
Nick Bettin
Service Director,  Alan Bettin Swimming Pools