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Vac-Alert™ - Anti Pool Entrapment Valve

The Vac-Alert Safety Vacuum Release System is designed to prevent swimming pool entrapment which can result in serious physical harm or death to a bather.

The Vac-Alert is a non-electrical self-monitoring, low-maintenance safety system that responds in milliseconds to an increase in pump suction created by an obstruction being held by suction on the main drain. 

Pool entrapment can occur because of a damaged outlet in a pool or spa, however, the main cause is a lack of two drains in the pool.  A single drain can create intense pump suction as the water system is regulated. Getting too close to a single main drain can leave swimmers at risk of being dragged into this vacuum and it is extremely difficult to break free from the suction.  Swimming pool entrapment causes physical harm and has caused many drownings over the years.

The Vac-Alert’s spring-loaded piston reacts quickly, opening to atmosphere and releasing life-threatening system suction. Once installed, it requires only periodic maintenance.  Its non-corroding PVC and stainless-steel construction ensures a long life.

Vac-Alert Dimensions

Height: 49cm

Width: 18cm (across the tee piece under the gauge)

Weight: 3.5kg (gross packed)

Vac-Alert Diagram of How it Works.

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