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MSI swimming pool products

MSI offers a wide range of high quality products for private and commercial pools.  
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Jolly Gel Pool Flocculent - Private Pools

Jolly Gel is Europe’s number one swimming pool flocculent for private swimming pools. It has been on the market for 25 years and is now own labelled for stockists in 37 countries worldwide.

Clear'n'Clean - 6 Months Algaecide

Now with a 26-year pedigree, Clear'n'Clean, a longer life swimming pool algaecide has been specially formulated for use in private and commercial swimming pools.

Zeoclere - Hi-Grade Pool Filter Media

Zeoclere was specially selected hi-grade mineral for use in swimming pool filtration.  Its structure was specially selected to ensure pool water quality and clarity. 

Jolly Gel Spa - Flocculent for Hot Tubs & Spas

Jolly Gel Spa is a superior flocculent that has been specifically formulated for spas and hot tubs.

Jolly Gel Pool Flocculent - Commercial Pools

Jolly Gel Senior (JGC) is a swimming pool flocculent that has been specially developed for use in commercial swimming pools and works without a dosing pump.  Jolly Gel Senior services up to 100,000 gallons (450,000 litres) of water.

Cruiser Turbo C600 Pool Cleaner

Powered by the pool’s filtration system, the Cruiser Turbo C600 Pool Cleaner has been designed to clean the pool quickly and efficiently.  Following a random path over the floor and walls of the pool, the Cruiser Turbo will dislodge and remove debris by vacuuming it away to the filtration system.

Puronizer - Pool Ioniser

The Puronizer system is an easy to use method of ensuring quality water, with very little effort, and no algae problems.  The Puronizer works silently – as the pool water passes through the in-line cell unit, copper and silver ions are released reducing bacteria and killing algae.

Vac-Alert™ - Anti Pool Entrapment Valve

The Vac-Alert Safety Vacuum Release System is designed to prevent swimming pool entrapment.  The Vac-Alert is a non-electrical self-monitoring, low-maintenance safety system that responds in milliseconds to an increase in pump suction created by an obstruction being held by suction on the main drain. 

Hydrochlor Mineral Chlorinator

The Hydrochlor Mineral Chlorinator automatically chlorinates the pool, making it healthy, crystal clear, and ready for all-year-round swimming.  A saltwater chlorinated pool requires considerably less maintenance than a standard chlorinated pool.

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