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Transforming Green Pool Water to Crystal Clear in Just Hours!

Even the most fastidious pool owner can have their maintenance efforts thwarted by the effects of glorious summer weather and impromptu weekends away – these factors can combine to turn beautiful clear pool water into an unappealing green hue, deterring even the most ardent swimmer from entering the pool.

That’s exactly what happened to pool owner Steve Martin – his 30-year-old outdoor concrete pool has stood the test of time and performs perfectly.  It is used by his family of four at least five times each week during the summer, and every day since the start of the recent heat wave.  That is until the water started to turn green.

Steve explained: “It’s a lovely pool and an ideal size for our family at 2.5 metres in diameter, 8 metres long and 1.5 metres deep.  I like to manage the pool maintenance personally, and usually do this at the weekends using liquid chlorine, chlorine tablets and a clarifier liquid which used to keep the water in good condition.  But the weather does take its toll – it is impossible to avoid some tree and garden debris wafting into the pool and that combined with the very hot weather leads to algae build up.  This problem is compounded if we happen to be away for a weekend or two and the regular maintenance cannot be done.”

Steve found that the pool water was becoming green more often and that his usual tried and tested solution, chlorine, was no longer bringing the water back to clarity.  “It seemed to me that the problem was becoming more persistent, which meant I was using more chlorine, more regularly but without good results,” said Steve.

Seeking a proven solution, a friend who uses Jolly Gel Spa flocculent recommended that Steve try Jolly Gel pool flocculent and he was not disappointed.

“After cleaning the bottom of the pool, brushing the walls, backwashing the filter for 20 minutes and replenishing the lost water from the backwash, I placed one Jolly Gel tablet into the pump basket and left it for 24 hours.  The next day, the pool was translucent!”

Steve continued, “The pool was extremely clear with a nice sparkle; I was impressed.  It’s been three weeks since my Jolly Gel ‘conversion’ and the pool is still looking great.  I will be using Jolly Gel once a month as just one tablet works for several weeks.  Most important, my family were back in the pool straightaway and we can enjoy swimming right through the summer without any disruption.  That’s what I call a result!”

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