Zeoclere High Grade Pool Filter Media


  • Colour
    Light grey (MgO = 85%)
  • Hardness
    4 Moh
  • Grain size
    Variety of sizes available
  • Pore volume
    Approximately 5-10%
  • Bulk density
  • Stability
    from pH3 - pH12

Zeoclere High Grade Pool Filter Media


Zeoclere30 is a specially selected mineral for use in swimming pool filtration.  It has the capability to remove high levels of ammonium brought in by swimmers, plus removing heavy metals found in some water supplies.  Zeoclere30 increases water clarity by 60% over that of sand filtration. The grades available are 0.8-1.24mm, 1-2mm, 2-4mm, 0.5-1mm. Standard stock is the 0.8-1.24mm. 

Zeoclere30 Filtration Media Achievements

  1. DWI Chemical Committee Approval  - for use in public pools
  2. NSF 61 certification for drinking water
  3. NSF 50 certification for use in pools and spas
  4. NSF 50-ii certification tests - turbidity
  5. GSA approval for use in US Military Bases worldwide

See case study for an illustration of Zeoclere's effectiveness.

Zeoclere is a selected high-grade zeolitic mineral from the family of over 50 different types. The Zeoclere range is the only proven zeolite for use in swimming pool pressure or gravity filters. It has a purity of between 80-85% and is constant between these percentages. The material has been shown to operate well in both small and large pressure vessels. Tests carried out using a 1 metre column with the flow in a constant backwash mode for 180 days x 24 hours, showed a material loss of 23mm due to attrition. Zeoclere’s clear-up rate has been shown to be faster than that of silica sand and glass.

The average ammonia collection for this grade is 2.88g/litre. This may vary dependent on flow rate. Other advantages of Zeoclere are wide temperature performance along with high removal efficiency including iron/zinc/lead/copper and silver removal. Because of the high reduction of ammonia removal, the use of chlorine is similarly reduced and on average is quoted that up to 40% savings have been achieved. Zeoclere has a far greater (400%) surface area than silica sand or glass media.  Therefore, backwashing (where appropriate) can be dramatically reduced, saving many thousands of litres (gallons) of heated water and chemicals going to waste.  When used in commercial pool environment, sewage clean-up costs are also reduced.


Observe the manufacturer’s safety instructions when using hypochlorite.

This procedure should be carried out only by a qualified pool service engineer.

Zeoclere30 is designed to maintain the pool water in sparkling condition whilst also stripping out ammonium brought into the pool by swimmers.

Once the material is saturated with ammonia, Zeoclere30 will need to be regenerated.

Regeneration in a private pool is generally required around four years depending on the bathing load. A commercial pool may require regeneration more frequently. When regeneration is required is easily identified as the water will start to look dull. But dull water can also be caused by incorrect pool chemistry, therefore, ensure the water balance is correct before you assume the bed needs regenerating.

We provide, on request, self-adhesive information labels to affix to the filters. These give your company name and contact details. Plus information on how to regenerate the Zeoclere bed.

Private Swimming Pools - Only

Before proceeding to regenerate, ensure the filter is backwashed and the bed has been fluidised, then use rinse cycle. Next, isolate chemical dosing equipment. Switch off power to the plant and auxiliary products.

  1. Drain water completely from the filter
  2. Close drain cock
  3. Add 14/15% solution of hypochlorite to cover bed by 50mm (2”)
  4. Leave this solution overnight or for a minimum on the clock of 12 hours
  5. Backwash the filter for a full 4 minutes or depending on filter size and then rinse for 3 minutes
  6. Return valve/s to filter cycle. Observe pressure gauge and log clean bed reading

You have now finished the job. It is recommended that commercial pools are given a good 15 minutes backwash bi-monthly to fully fluidise the bed.  This applies to all filter media.


  • Packed in 20kg bags, weight 20kg
  • 20kg bags x 50 to a pallet
  • Pallets 110 x 110 x 115cm, h
  • Weight 1000kg
  • Container shipments equal 20 x 1 tonne pallets


Under correct conditions chemical reduction will be achieved along with water saving, power cost and result in less maintenance

  • High ammonia removal (average 2.8gm/lt.) dependent on flow rate
  • Ion removal efficiency is high having a far greater surface area than both sand and glass
  • Longevity 10+ years
  • Turbidity shown to be up to 60% better than accepted silica sand and glass media
  • No health hazard
  • Zeoclere has a far greater (400%) surface area than silica sand or glass, therefore, backwashing, where appropriate, can be dramatically reduced


Because of the high level of ammonia removal, the use of chlorine is reduced and, on average, is quoted that up to 40% savings have been achieved.

Zeoclere Premium Filter Media



  1. Application Guide for Residential & Light Commercial Filters
  2. Application Guide for Commercial Filters – 40 Inch Bed
  3. Application Guide for Commercial Filters – 48 Inch Bed
  4. Regeneration Guide
  5. Guide for Converting Sand Weight to Zeoclere


  1. Guide for Converting Sand Weight to Zeoclere
  2. A Guide to Backwash – Bed Expansion
  3. Application Guide for Residential & Light Commercial Filters
  4. Application Guide for Commercial Filters – 1000mm Bed
  5. Application Guide for Commercial Filters – 1200mm Bed
  6. Zeoclere 30 Turbidity Report
  7. Zeoclere 30 Data Sheet
  8. Zeoclere 30 Material Safety Data Sheet
Zeoclere Premium Filter Media



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Ordering Zeoclere

You need to inform MSI if any special arrangements are required for off-loading, for example:

  1. Do you require a tail lift vehicle?
  2. Is there a fork lift available on site?
  3. Is access to the site easy for a large vehicle (if the delivery is over 2 tonnes)?
  4. Is there someone to assist the driver unload?  If external carriers are used assume the freight driver will not assist
  5. Is the entry road capable of receiving a heavy vehicle?

Zeoclere is shipped on pallets of 50 x 20 kg bags: Pallets 110 x 110 x 115cm, h.

Individual bags of Zeoclere can be shipped on request.


Geochemist - Professor Alan Dyer

Geochemist - Professor Alan Dyer

BSc, PhD, DSc, FRSC, C.Chem.

Former Professor University of Salford
Visiting Professor Loughborough University

  • Hons. BSc in Chemistry University of Sheffield,  Ph.D King’s College, London, DSc, University of Salford, Fellow Royal Society of Chemistry
  • Holder of 1994 Royal Society of Chemistry Award in Separation Science
  • 50 years experience of zeolite research
  • Supervised 66 Ph.D and 100 scientists at MSc and postdoctoral level
  • Author of 260 scientific papers, three books, holder of 12 patents
  • Consultant to UK Nuclear Industry (40 years) and many other multinational Companies
  • Served as editor for three International Scientific Journals
Geochemist - Professor Alan Dyer

Not all filtration media are equal. MSI’s Zeoclere 30 has scientifically proven performance benefits that enables it to outperform both sand and glass media.

Professor Alan Dyer, founder and past President of the British Zeolite Association says:

“Over 60 different natural zeolite minerals are available across the globe, however, Zeoclere is the only mineral of its kind used in the pool industry that has been ‘activated’ to improve its efficiency. Its efficacy has been proven by scientific research."

“Zeoclere has a 24-year pedigree as a high performance swimming pool filtration media.  It was selected specifically for high pressure filters and achieves 60% better water clarity than the accepted performance of sand.  Zeoclere removes heavy metals found in many water supplies, plus it removes high levels of ammonium brought into the pool by bathers.  In so doing, Zeoclere reduces the level of chemical use.  This automatically results in less backwashing, where applicable, of heated, chemically treated pool water to waste, and a reduction in chlorine use by a reported 40%. Using Zeoclere is far better for the environment and it brings about substantial savings on pool maintenance costs.”


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