Own Label Products


  • Colour: Translucent blue
  • Hardness: Jelly like substance
  • Size 1: 5cm x 5cm x 25mm
  • Size 2: Commercial Brickette for pools up to 454m³ - 100,000 gal

Own Label Products

Use your company brand to increase sales

Own label products will build your brand in your local market.

Whether you are a wholesaler, distributor or a pool/spa retailer, after years of trading in your geographic territory you will have built up a reputation of trust and reliability based on the products you sell.  With a strong heritage, you are in an excellent position to strengthen loyalty to your business by offering own label products from the MSI range.

Own label packaging is personalised to your business – it can carry whatever messages you want to convey to existing and potential customers and if you trade in different countries, product packaging can be produced in different languages.  With MSI products tailored for your company, you are not competing head-to-head with other brands. 

Own label products also give you a measure of flexibility on the prices you charge, which, depending on your pricing strategy, will inevitably result in a higher volume of sales and profits. Also, creating own label packaging means you can develop a closer working relationship with your supplier.

Below are a few examples of what has been achieved for our customers:    

MSI’s Own Label Product Range

For many years MSI has offered own label packaging and currently offers this service on the following products:

  1. Jolly Gel Swimming Pool Flocculent – Private Pools
  2. Jolly Gel Swimming Pool Flocculent – Commercial Pools
  3. Jolly Gel Spa flocculent
  4. Zeoclere High Grade Filtration Media
  5. Clear ‘n’ Clean Long-life Algaecide

There are two different branding options: full own label branded products or a customised version, whereby your company name features alongside the famous Jolly Gel, Zeoclere and Clear‘n’Clean brands.

If you opt for own label packaging, you select your product name, product messages in your local language, the creative design and contact information.  Working to the MSI design template, we then create the artwork to your specification or you can supply your own artwork.

If you are producing your own label package design in-house, we strongly recommend that you provide the draft design to MSI for review before creating finished artwork.  When the artwork is finalised, you simply provide the Pantone reference or CMYK colours for production.

Whether you chose full own labelling or customisation of the well-known brands,  from agreed artwork, MSI will print and manufacture your packages within 28 days.

For more information on own label products, contact us at sales@mineralsi.com or call +44(0)1825 790524.

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Jolly Gel

“Since we started to use Jolly Gel the pool is so clean that we only need to backwash the filter every 6 weeks. This saves a lot of water! ”
Anthony Ailsbury
Murcia, Spain