Cruiser Turbo C600 Pool Cleaner


  • One-piece body with counter balanced buoyancy for correct positioning in the pool water and improved wall cleaning
  • Robust design - free of parts susceptible to damage
  • To ensure longevity of parts keep water balance between 7.2-7.6

Cruiser Turbo C600 Pool Cleaner


Powered by your pool’s filtration system, the Cruiser C600 pool cleaner has been designed to clean the pool quickly and efficiently. Following a random path over the floor and walls* of the pool, Cruiser C600 will dislodge and remove debris by vacuuming it away to the filtration system. Features such as the spiral skirt sweeping action and Cruiser’s low maintenance requirements make cleaning a pool a pleasure.

*Wall cleaning – the ability for the Cruiser C600 to climb walls is dependent on the flow through the filter system which, in some instances, can be affected by lack of sufficient flow.


  • Pallet – 14 cruisers - Weight: 70kg
    Dimensions: Pallet 106cm x 104cm x 90cm
  • Pallet - 28 Cruisers - Weight: 140kg
    Dimensions: 106cm x 104cm x 90cm
  • 20ft container - 540 units
  • Single unit
    Weight: 5.5kg
    Dimensions: 100cm x 35cm x 14cm 


One piece body with counter balanced buoyancy, which correctly positions Cruiser C600 and improves the cleaning cycle.

  • A robust design free of parts susceptible to damage.
  • Low maintenance.


To enable Cruiser to operate at peak performance, ensure that your pool’s filtration system is cleaned and operating in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.


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See here for details on Cruiser C600  spares. 


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