Cruiser Turbo C600 Pool Cleaner


  • One-piece body with counter balanced buoyancy for correct positioning in the pool water and improved wall cleaning
  • Robust design - free of parts susceptible to damage
  • To ensure longevity of parts keep water balance between 7.2-7.6

Cruiser Turbo C600 Pool Cleaner

Powered by the pool’s filtration system, the Cruiser Turbo C600 Pool Cleaner has been designed to clean the pool quickly and efficiently.  Following a random path over the floor and walls* of the pool, Cruiser Turbo will dislodge and remove debris by vacuuming it away to the filtration system.  The spiral skirt sweeping action and Cruiser Turbo’s low maintenance requirements make pool cleaning easy.

This robust pool cleaner is constructed as a one-piece body with counterbalanced buoyancy, which correctly positions the Cruiser Turbo, and improves the cleaning cycle.  Being free from parts means it is not susceptible to damage.

To enable the Cruiser Turbo C600 to operate at peak performance, users must ensure that the pool’s filtration system is cleaned and operating in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

*The ability for the Cruiser Turbo to climb pool walls is dependent on the flow through the filter system which, in some instances, can be affected by lack of sufficient flow.


  • Pallet – 14 cruisers - Weight: 70kg
    Dimensions: Pallet 106cm x 104cm x 90cm
  • Pallet - 28 Cruisers - Weight: 140kg
    Dimensions: 106cm x 104cm x 90cm
  • 20ft container- 540 units
  • Single unit
    Weight: 5.5kg
    Dimensions: 100cm x 35cm x 14cm  


MSI supplies a range of spares for the Cruiser Turbo C600.

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Complete parts list for the Cruiser C600 & Puronizer.



“I put my team’s success down to a secret weapon they stumbled upon more than ten years ago when they switched from basic sand in the filters to a specialist media called Zeoclere. Now we don’t just use Zeoclere – we actively recommend it. I would not go back to sand in our pool filters now we have seen what a difference it makes. Not only has the water consumption been transformed, Fareham has saved money on chemical costs, energy costs and overall maintenance of £8,000 to £10,000 annually. Although Zeoclere is initially more expensive than sand, I would categorically put payback within a year.”
Colin Trimmings
Technical and Support Manager at Fareham Leisure Centre