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Cruiser 600 spares

Please see below the full list of Cruiser C600 spares.

Call our spares hotline to order on +44(0)1825 790524.

Product Part No. Description
630-6202 Cruiser C600 Hoses (carton of ten hoses) 
630-9004 Cruiser C600 Bump Strip
630-9005 Cruiser C600 Control Valve
630-9008 Cruiser C600 Float arm set
630-9010 Cruiser C600 Foot Pad
630-9011 Cruiser C600 Hammer Chamber Cover Plate
630-9012 Cruiser C600 Hammer
630-9014 Cruiser C600 Hose Float
630-9015 Cruiser C600 Hose Weight
630-9017 Cruiser C600 Skirt
630-9018 Cruiser C600 3 Piece Swivel Set
630-9020 Cruiser C600 Weir Flange Rubber Adaptor
630-9025 Cruiser C600 Blue Axle Complete
630-9111 Cruiser C600 Link Hose
630-9154 Cruiser C600 Body with weight and weight capsule
630-head Cruiser C600 Complete Head Only

 Should you not find the item you are looking for on this list please email us at


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