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The Big Switch to Zeoclere

When you service hundreds of swimming pools, switching them from sand to Zeoclere30 media is a bold move. That’s the aim of Fowler Swimming Pools in Sussex, following successful trials of Zeoclere by a number of its customers.

“I have been hearing great things about the performance of Zeoclere30 from other pool companies for some time and decided it was time to put it to the test,” said Philip Pamment, a Director at Fowlers. "J D Swimming Pools in Kent, which undertakes a high volume of pool servicing, recommended the product to us, after switching many of its customers from sand to Zeoclere and experiencing superior water clarity and a significant reduction in backwashing.

“Our own customer trials showed the same benefits and more. Zeoclere has proven itself to be a safe and reliable alternative to other media and we are planning to move some customers over to Zeoclere when they are next due for a media change,” explained Philip.

A third generation family business, Fowler Swimming Pools has been building and servicing pools for over 50 years and is the longest-established pool business in Sussex. The company has a team of 25 staff, and the in-house team designs and builds luxury indoor and outdoor concrete pools, school pools and hydrotherapy pools for customers throughout Sussex, Surrey, Kent and Hampshire.   In addition, 50% of Fowlers’ business is dedicated to servicing and the company has amassed a large number of servicing contracts, and these customers are being offered an upgrade to Zeoclere.

Fowlers also plans to offer the use of Zeoclere in filters on new-build and refurbished pools so that customers benefit from improved water quality. According to distributor MSI, ammonium does not stand a chance when Zeoclere is used in a filter! Zeoclere provides 60% better turbidity than that of sand, a 400% greater surface area, leading to reduced backwashing and a reduction in chemical consumption.

Philip continued, “Customers obviously want the best quality water possible and, today, they are more environmentally-aware and want ‘to do their bit’. The reduction in backwashing avoids wasting heated water, and, on average, a 30% reduction in chemical usage which helps the environment plus saves customers money.”

Zeoclere media needs to be regenerated to remove the collected ammonium, providing ongoing servicing business and revenue. To assist installers, MSI has introduced a high-quality self-adhesive label to fit onto the filter so that the engineer can log the installation date and the pool company’s details.

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