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Making Filtration a ‘Walk in the Park’

Showcasing a stunning pool installation to a prospective customer is a sure-fire way to impress. That’s exactly what Richard Bishop, Director of Aqua Thermae, did when Huw Pendleton of Celtic Holiday Parks was referred to the company by existing customer, St Brides Marine Spa in Pembrokeshire. But instead of focusing on the pool, the visit centred on the plantroom.

“That’s where the magic happens,” explained Richard. “Leisure park pools have high usage, which intensifies at particular times of the day. Park operators must be confident that the water quality is at peak performance 100% of the time. We strive to provide clients with pristine natural water and that means focusing on the heart and lungs of the pool – the filtration system.”

On the strength of its plant room expertise which includes installing the Salt Chlorination system at the British High Commission in Islamabad, Pakistan, Aqua Thermae won the contract with Croft Holiday Parks, which is undertaking a £1.2m redevelopment of Croft Holiday Parks. Aqua Thermae installed a 12m x 6m Modular free-form hydro-activity pool featuring a whale tail, spa jets and air volcano at the Pembrokeshire Park, which attracts around 100 swimmers per day. Richard explained, “We have installed the excellent combination of Waterco pumps and filters complemented with Zeoclere filter media for reliable, high-quality filtration, coupled with innovative monitoring systems. The plant boasts internet-controlled pH and Amperometric salt chlorination with post filter commercial ultraviolet water treatment.”

The required manual pool testing is supported by an internet monitoring system which allows Aqua Thermae to check Free Chlorine and pH levels, Redox and pool temperature and, if necessary, to make adjustments remotely. 24/7 support is delivered with email alerts through Aqua Thermae and the pool manager if a problem is detected, allowing the Leisure Park to expedite remedial action.

Richard continued: “I am a big fan of Zeoclere and of good suppliers like MSI which support its products. Unlike sand or glass, Zeoclere is not just a mechanical filter; it’s a problem solver because it mechanically and chemically filters water, removing metals and ammonia.” Designed specifically for high-pressure filters, Zeoclere delivers water clarity that is 60% better than accepted sand standards. This performance level brings maintenance benefits; less backwashing of thousands of litres of heated, chemically treated water to waste which reduces costs and protects the environment. 

Croft Leisure Park in Pembrokeshire enjoys a location on the edge of a National Park, so protecting the nearby environment is as important as providing crystal clear pool water. Chlorine must be removed from the wastewater by passing through the de-chlorination tank, and Zeoclere helps guarantee the backwash volumes will be dramatically reduced.

Both bathers and the local authority have lauded praise on the pool installation. Two recent water health scares involving Cryptosporidium in public pools in Wales have resulted in the Welsh Public Health Authority becoming very focused on pool water management and it is targeting all public pools to ensure plantrooms operate efficiently within current guidance. Aqua Thermae proactively invited the local Health & Safety officer to view the Croft Leisure Park pool and plantroom and was advised that they would like to consider using the pool as an exemplar for other operators in Wales. 

Aqua Thermae has also used Zeoclere during the recent refurbishment of the hydrotherapy pool at the Heart of the Forest Special School, in the Forest of Dean. The school installed a speed controlled hydro-active air bed for fun, wellbeing and active hydrotherapy. The premium advanced media with its proven ammonia removal is a must for pristine hydrotherapy pool water with high bather demands to ensure the enjoyment of the pool by the children and staff alike.

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