Jolly Gel - What a Knock Out!

When Mr Betton and his family ‘inherited’ an outdoor pool with their property, they knew the pool water would need care to keep it sparkling and inviting for their weekly swim and the occasional BBQ pool party for their friends.

What they had not bargained on was a two-year battle to find a product that would eliminate high levels of phosphate in the pool but that is exactly what happened until they discovered the miracle Jolly Gel.

Mr explained, “The high phosphate problem became so bad that we hardly used the pool as the water was always green and uninviting.”

The family was literally pouring money down the drain as they tried different treatments including £200 per month on phosphate removers which did not assist.  They even found themselves in a complex cycle of trialling chemicals, and taking water samples and delivering them for inspection to a pool specialist.  And if that wasn’t enough, twice a week they had to vacuum the pool and brush the sides of the pool.  They were spending half a day a week on pool maintenance and there seemed no end to the problem.

In desperation, Mr Betton was offered Jolly Gel pool flocculent. “Having had poor results in the past, I had little hope of finding a solution but I had nothing to lose, so I gave it a go.  I used one Jolly Gel cube and after just 12 hours there was a noticeable difference in water clarity and things kept on improving, so much so, that within 48 hours the pool was sparkling clean and has remained so.  After struggling for two years with phosphate in the water, Jolly Gel cleared it up in just one dose. The pool is as clear as it could be and as clear as I have ever seen it!”

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“I put my team’s success down to a secret weapon they stumbled upon more than ten years ago when they switched from basic sand in the filters to a specialist media called Zeoclere. Now we don’t just use Zeoclere – we actively recommend it. I would not go back to sand in our pool filters now we have seen what a difference it makes. Not only has the water consumption been transformed, Fareham has saved money on chemical costs, energy costs and overall maintenance of £8,000 to £10,000 annually. Although Zeoclere is initially more expensive than sand, I would categorically put payback within a year.”
Colin Trimmings
Technical and Support Manager at Fareham Leisure Centre