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Jolly Gel Cleans up in Thailand

Pool King Inter Co Ltd is a Thailand based importer of pool and spa equipment which has been importing Jolly Gel swimming pool flocculent from MSI for several years. It all started a few years ago when MSI sent the Managing Director, Mrs Rasinee, a sample box of Jolly Gel and explained how well it treats discoloured water. At first, she was sceptical that such a small product would be able to turn a deep discolouration into sparkling water but she saw the potential for the company to sell the best product and become an exclusive supplier with the aim of promoting Jolly Gel across Thailand.

Mrs Rasinee said, “My first experience of using Jolly Gel was with a prestigious Bangkok pool builder which had just completed a very large project in Bangkok. They filled the 55,000 gallon pool directly from the main city water supply. The property owner had a VIP customer coming to inspect the house the following evening and naturally was expecting the pool to look its best. On visiting the pool site, I saw that the water was heavily discoloured. With my company’s reputation on the line, I placed some Jolly Gel cubes into the strainer pump at 4 in the afternoon and left the filter system on overnight. The next morning I couldn’t believe it – the water was sparkling blue and had only thin dregs at the bottom of the pool. Jolly Gel had worked and saved us from an embarrassing situation. Since then we have been selling Jolly Gel throughout South East Asia.”

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