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Reduce Maintenance Costs

The trends we are witnessing are less about changes in filter media and more about behaviour. There has been a significant increase in the number of pool operators and owners prioritising financial and environmental considerations in pool maintenance. There is much better understanding of the wastage associated with inefficient filter media and customers are taking a longer-term view on lowering their costs and reducing environmental impacts, such as wasting water and heat.

Whilst there is a lower upfront installation cost for sand filtration, within 18 months greater savings are made with Zeoclere. Designed specifically for high-pressure filters, Zeoclere has a proven record of delivering water clarity that is 60% better than accepted sand standards. This performance level brings about maintenance benefits such as less backwashing of thousands of litres of heated, chemically treated water to waste, which comes at a cost to both the bottom line and the environment.

Orders demonstrate that many more pool owners and operators are replacing traditional sand with Zeoclere 30. A diverse range of customers testifies to financial savings from Zeoclere over traditional media – from the Royal Bahamian Resort & Spa which reported that the product made tremendous improvements in the visibility and clarity of the water and decreased maintenance costs.  Fareham Leisure Centre in Hampshire which, after 11 years on sand media, converted to Zeoclere and made savings of £8K to £10K per annum on maintenance costs.

For MSI the challenge has been to ensure that all markets benefit from the product, for example, by making sure consignments arrive securely packaged and that the product can withstand both indoor and outdoor storage conditions. To this end, MSI introduced a sturdier bag for Zeoclere, with four different languages for the international market. Customer feedback from all markets confirms that the new bag travels well, is easier to stack and withstands high ultraviolet areas.

With overseas markets growing, MSI now brand packs for 20 companies globally and four of these are leading filter manufacturers.

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