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Jolly Gel Pool Flocculent Receives Certification in Spain

MSI’s Jolly Gel is the only product to gain Spanish Homologacion (12-70-4627) certification, making it the only gel flocculent currently permitted to be sold in that market. Two years of rigorous application tests in the country resulted in Spain’s Ministry of Health & Social Services granting certification.

Jolly Gel removes minuscule particles of dust that are invisible to the naked eye from pool water, keeping the water in peak condition. It also has a restorative effect – if pool water has been neglected and goes off colour, overnight Jolly Gel transforms it back to sparkling clean.

MSI’s Amanda Slade said: “Jolly Gel is now Europe’s best selling pool flocculent but we’re still amazed by the continuing upward sales trend. The combination of outstanding performance and brand visibility is driving Jolly Gel sales. Pool owners and managers across all our markets ask for the product by brand, rather than a generic flocculent. Of course, some customers prefer an own-brand product and this has generated growth in own labelling of Jolly Gel. However, the majority of customers travel on the success of the Jolly Gel brand and have their contact details added to the retail pack.

Jolly Gel, which works perfectly with sand, Zeoclere and glass filter media, are small blue translucent 5cm x 5cm cubes which are placed in the pump. The cubes dissolve slowly as water passes over them on the journey to the filter. Jolly Gel forms a porous clear membrane screen over the filter media and penetrates the bed to an average depth of 15cm, removing even the finest particles of dust and algae spores. Then it encapsulates the particles and holds them to the bed by means of a mild, glutinous formulation that is flushed away with the debris during the backwash cycle.

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