New Formulation Le Bloc Gets a New Look from MSI

A new formulation of Surex’s revolutionary Le Bloc swimming pool flocculent, which has enjoyed 15 years of exponential sales growth in the UK and overseas territories, launched in vibrant new display cartoons – created by MSI – giving it even greater shelf appeal.

Le Bloc is the only flocculent proven to work with Sand, Zeolitic filter media and glass media. Le Bloc improves water clarity in just a few hours and continues working for up to three weeks after the water has been treated.

Shella Acca, Surex’s managing director, said “Le Bloc has been a very successful product for Surex because it is highly efficient and is very easy for the pool owner to use. The new improved formulation ensures fast and efficient collection of algae spore and fine dust particles, resulting in crystal clear camera ready water.

“Like all great brands, packaging sometimes needs updating and the revamp has produced an eye-catching, practical design," concluded Shella."

Le Bloc is available in cartons of 25 retail packs and Surex is confident that the new formulation, presented in the brighter new packaging, will become a major challenger to liquid and granular flocculants.

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Jolly Gel Commercial

“I gave a Jolly Gel cube to a customer who came into the shop for help as they had a cloudy pool. Within 24 hours it was sparkling = one happy customer. Next day, I was stopped in the village and asked about buying Jolly Gel - I asked them how they knew about it, they said their neighbour had called them round this morning to look at their pool, they were impressed. It turns out to be the above-mentioned customer. I tried Jolly Gel in one of our commercial pools, within 24 hours a nice sparkling pool. Also staff have mentioned that it's giving really good results.  By the way, customers are loving the little leaflet about saving marriage!”
Adrian Hill MISPE
Managing Director, Manipools, Greece