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Bob Kent

Bob Kent FISPE

Founder and Director of MSI, Bob Kent has over 50 years experience in the swimming pool industry. He has pioneered many product and marketing innovations and established leading companies including Certikin, one of the largest and most successful swimming pool equipment companies in the UK. As the Director responsible for Sales & Marketing, Bob’s mission is to ensure that MSI provides high-quality products underpinned by outstanding customer service, support and advice wherever you are in the world.

Bob Kent's  Achievements: 

  • 1965: Established Certikin and built it into the most recognised quality pool products company in the world
  • 1968: First to introduce injection moulded pool step tread
  • 1970: Designed the first injection moulded skimmer in Europe – HD100, followed by an array of HD products
  • 1970: First to introduce colour advertising to the Swimming Pool News (now SPN)
  • 1971: Designed the world's first injection moulded underwater pool light – PU9
  • 1973: Invented the first  blow mounded filter 
  • 1973: First to set up UK countrywide distributors for swimming pool products - then into Europe
  • 1973: First injection moulded leaf rake and net with 'integral' moulded nets
  • 1976: World's first to introduce award-winning colour coded descriptive packaging design
  • 1979: Established a company in Bahrain as a central operational base to the Middle East – another in Bad Holmberg, Germany in 1976
  • 1981: First to introduce ozone purification to the UK pool trade 
  • 1982: Became the largest supplier and distributor of above ground pools  across the UK
  • 1984 & 1989: Directed two highly successful SPATA Cabarets
  • 1984–1989: United the whole of the pool trade by leading a hugely successful nationwide advertising campaign (2000 Club) promoting swimming pools to consumers.  Raised in excess of £½ million from suppliers for the advertising campaign, equivalent of £1.8m today
  • 1987: First to introduce coordinated underwater lighting and music – ‘Son et Lumiere’
  • 1993: Introduced Zeoclere filter medium, the first proven medium to reduce the running cost of a swimming pool
  • 1994: Took the lead across Europe when introducing the Vac-Alert anti-entrapment safety  system
  • 1996: The brains behind the introduction of the most popular flocculent in Europe – Jolly Gel and JOLLY GEL-SPA
  • 1996 and onward: Spearheading the campaign focusing on the Vac-Alert and the dangers of entrapment and drownings in pools

Bob Kent continues his and the company’s long commitment to the pool industry through innovation and first-class service.  Under his leadership, MSI has developed  into a global player.  MSI’s mission is to maintain its fast and efficient source of  deliveries across the world. This ensures that, in turn, its customers, are able to fulfil the needs of their retail pool customers.  This strategy, along with a first class dedicated logistics department, has resulted in MSI products being exported, at this time, to 43 countries throughout Europe, the Middle East, the far East and the USA. 

Amanda Slade

Amanda Slade
Heads up Exports

Amanda Slade joined MSI 12 years ago and heads up the Export Division. Small or large, orders receive the same attention to detail, so you can be confident that your order - from receipt to despatch - will always be processed with care and efficiency.  Clients receive support for technical enquiries on products and shipping and are kept informed of the progress of their orders.

Our Experts

Alan Dyer

Professor Alan Dyer, BSc, PhD, DSc, FRSC, C.Chem
Former Professor at the University of Salford  and Visiting Professor at Loughborough University

The renowned geochemist, Professor Alan Dyer, Founder and Past President of the British Zeolite Association, is a consultant to MSI on Zeoclere30, the high-grade filter media that has been scientifically proven to outperform all other pool filtration Media. Over 60 different natural zeolite minerals are available across the globe. Zeoclere with its 24-year pedigree is the only mineral of its kind proven to work continually in swimming pool pressure filters . A totally natural product used to remove ammonia and heavy metals for pool water. And giving 60% greater clarity.

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“Clear’n’Clean is such a fantastic product which all of our customers love and swear by as it is far superior than other flocculents and so easy to use. The same is said about Jolly Gel.”
Paul Ruddle
Managing Director Albox Alfombras & Outdoor Leisure, Almeria, Spain