MSI is one of the few companies in the swimming pool industry that has a dedicated department and trained staff for export consignments, be it small packs, spares, pallets or containers.

No delivery is too difficult

When you place an order with MSI you can be confident that your investment is handled with care from receipt of the order through to delivery.

You can be assured of the following service from MSI:

  • Technical expertise on product and shipping
  • Being kept informed of progress of your order from placement to despatch and/or delivery of the consignment
  • Control and coordination of the movement of your order through the MSI system, ensuring that your goods are handled efficiently and profitably for you
Zeoclere containers ready to be collected by the shipping company

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Jolly Gel

“This is the first time I have used Jolly Gel in my pool. Within a few hours, the water was crystal clear.  If it was not for the jets making ripples in the pool, you would think there was no water in it! The clearest and cleanest our pool has ever been.  I have no hesitation in recommending Jolly Gel.”
Richard Allan