Jolly Gel Outreaches Other Pool Flocculents

July 14th, 2015

Europe’s best selling pool flocculent, Jolly Gel, has achieved another first by gaining REACH (Regulation for Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals) registration after undergoing rigorous assessment of the key compounds in its formulation. 

European chemicals legislation adopted in 2006 simplified the regulation of chemicals which protects human health and the environment. Jolly Gel’s registration complies with the REACH legislation which requires manufacturers and importers of chemical compounds to secure registration by the set deadline, otherwise they lose the right to manufacture and sell their products. The registration is completed with the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) based in Helsinki, Finland. 

Jolly Gel removes from pool water miniscule particles of dust that are invisible to the naked eye.  The translucent cubes dissolve slowly as water passes over them on the journey to the filter. They form a porous clear membrane screen over the filter media and penetrates the bed to an average depth of 15cm, removing even the finest particles of dust and algae spores.

MSI worked closely with specialist consultants REACHWise on the analysis of the key compounds in the Jolly Gel supply chain in order to obtain the registration. 

Labelling is a major issue across many industries and in future all Jolly Gel packs, even own label packs produced by MSI for European distributors, will carry ECHA’s REACH logo. 

This gives pool companies and pool owners reassurance of the authenticity and safety of Jolly Gel.  No other company may use Jolly Gel’s registration number. 

Jolly Gel has also achieved Spanish Homologacion (12-70-4627) certification, making it the only gel flocculent currently permitted to be sold in that market.  This incredible product is making a real difference to the quality of pool water in the European market and is gathering a global following.

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Dr Peter Douben, Director of REACHWise, worked with MSI on Jolly Gel’s REACH registration.

Dr Peter Douben is a Director of REACHWise, a consultancy that assists companies with the implementation of REACH, CLP and associated legal duties.   REACHWise assists manufacturers, importers as well as downstream users with their obligations under the European chemicals legislation. Before REACHWise, Peter was Head of Environmental Protection in Unilever and served on many industry bodies in Europe and North America. Then he was Director REACH/Chemicals Policy in Cefic, the European Chemical Industry Council.  He has a degree from the University of Wageningen, The Netherlands, and a  PhD in ecotoxicology.

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Jolly Gel Commercial

“I gave a Jolly Gel cube to a customer who came into the shop for help as they had a cloudy pool. Within 24 hours it was sparkling = one happy customer. Next day, I was stopped in the village and asked about buying Jolly Gel - I asked them how they knew about it, they said their neighbour had called them round this morning to look at their pool, they were impressed. It turns out to be the above-mentioned customer. I tried Jolly Gel in one of our commercial pools, within 24 hours a nice sparkling pool. Also staff have mentioned that it's giving really good results.  By the way, customers are loving the little leaflet about saving marriage!”
Adrian Hill MISPE
Managing Director, Manipools, Greece