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    A British company, MSI supplies high quality, proven products for swimming pools, spas and water treatment. MSI management has a 50 track-record and has developed export markets throughout UK and the rest of Europe, the Middle East, Far East and America.

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    MSI supplies products globally to wholesalers and distributors servicing the water leisure industry, backed-up by first class communication and delivery services. 

    We have provided comprehensive information on our product range to enable you to review the product range and order quickly.

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    As suppliers to the pool industry and service engineers, replacement parts as always available. We can ship parts in the UK and worldwide. Follow for details of stocks.

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    Which Filter Media Long-term?

    Swimming pool sanitisation is essential to prevent potential waterborne diseases and to ensure that the pool water is clean and healthy. To optimise sanitation and maintain water clarity it is essential to first filter out any organic matter as well as undesirable micro-organisms and other impurities.  The more effective the filtration, then there will be a lower demand for chemical treatment whilst effectively removing any potential pathogens.  In this blog we look at the pluses and minuses of different swimming pool filtration methods.